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    • glass cutting machine
    • glass cutting machine
    • glass cutting machine
    • glass cutting machine

    glass cutting machine

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      Glass Machine & Equipment/Cutting Machine

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      NFI 2436

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    Our machine can be used for cutting of both float and laminated glass.
    Our cutting machine types:

    1. full automatic glass cutting line
    2. integrated automatic glass cutting table
    3. semi-automatic glass cutting table

    Glass cutting machine Characteristic

    • Mn bridge steel (Q345A ), perfect surface treatment

    • Optimized table structure makes sure the stable table, dynamic balance and mechanics intensity perfectly matched

    • Cutting pressure automatic adjusted according to glass thickness

    • Cutter head 360 degree rotating

    • Climbing wheels on the cutter head for protecting the cutter assembly and the glass

    • Water proof surface panel, stainless steel side covered, water and deformation resisting

    • High quality felt, perfect level, anti-static

    • Automatic side locating system, pneumatic mechanical and photoelectric joint locating

    • Self-lubricating guide rail

    • Air filter for keeping the oil clean

    • Air float and belt transmit

    Mechanical and Electrical Parts

    The main performance of motion Controller (Galil)

    • Running fast, smooth operation, high precision control, the controller modular structure.

    •  Line cutting mode, optical positioning cutting mode, cutting mode directly by the option set free. Process can readily achieve automatic cutting mode with the dry run mode.

    • After a full glass pressure store, disposable cutting thickness specifications of the input pressure to save, you can directly used.

    • Machining path display real-time tracking and timely recording moving coordinate axis status, I / 0 status, fault diagnosis and alarm automatically record.

    • Receive a variety of processing documents, accept standard G code Optima and other nesting software, AUTOCAD DXF file, the system comes with graphics editing software(Exactly the same way with Bottero editor).

    • Security can be set under the knife away. Editing files can not trimming, improve the utilization of glass.

    • Gallery nesting program, selected from the gallery shaped, set the relevant parameters, the number of processing, automatic nesting, generate toolpaths.

    • Compensation: Tool eccentricity compensation, backlash compensation, pitch compensation.

    • Optical positioning function (accurately determine the actual position of the glass), according to the actual position and the deflection angle, automatic adjustment of the cutting.

    • Can be realized by setting options in English interface switching, and imperial, metric programming. Easy to use foreign users.

    • Various protection: Includes soft and hard limit, blade pressure limit, external emergency stop control, etc.

    • Speed increase / decrease buttons timely optimize machine cutting speed.

    • Man-machine interface is simple and elegant, simple parameter adjustment, less need for the operator to modify the parameters, simple and intuitive, requiring low operating personnel.

    • Find edge speed, back to zero faster.

    • Cutting speed: 160m / min.

    • Has a relatively rich graphics library, you can expand the gallery.

    • Shaped scanning high precision, simple graphics can be saved directly processed.

    • Cutting interface displayed directly cut a small piece size (with the OPTIMA software).

    • Opened directly from within the software optimization software.

    • Under the pipeline mode automatically wrap view of optimization software program, continuous processing.

    • Fast patrol side positioning feature, you can grab a one-time patrol edge signal, improve work efficiency.


    • It can be used for cuttin of architectural glass, auto glass, furniture glass, decoration glasses. 

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