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    Product Details

    Silk-screened Glass
    Color glazed glass is a kind of wear-resistant and acid/alkali-resistant decorative material formed when one or more than one layer of inorganic glaze (also called "printing ink") is printed on the surface of glass to enable glass to have patterns or decorative design in different colors and then the glaze is painted on the surface of glass permanently after heated, baked, tempered and semi-tempered.

    Production Equipment
    There are three colored glaze silk-screen printing automatic production lines which solve quality problems such as uneven glazed thickness and pinholes occurring during production through common equipment or manual production. Coupled with professional film designers and advanced film output machines, a complete set of halftone manufacturing equipment is able to provide customers with high-quality painted products.

    Product Specification
    Product thickness: 3mm19mm
    Maximum size: 2200mm~3850mm

    Annual output

    A wide choice of colors and patterns (custom-made according to customer requirements); stable and not fading color, outstanding decorative effects; absorbing and reflecting some of the solar heat energy; obvious shading effects
    The strength is increased after toughening treatment with high security
    Combined machining such as film coating, doubling and hollow synthesis can be performed to realize multiple use

    Quality Standard
    GB15763.2-2005 Safety glazing materials in building _Part 2 Tempered glass;
    JC/T1006-2006 Enameled Tempered and heat-strengthened glass


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