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    Product Details

    Tempered Glass
    Tempered glass refers to glass whose molecular structures change greatly after heated at high temperature (at 650, it starts to become soft) and quenched and thus there appears even and strong pressure stress on glass surface as well as even and strong tensile stress inside, to multiple mechanical strength of glass.

    Definition of Heat Strengthened Glass
    The processing principle of heat strengthened glass is similar to that of tempered class. Its heating temperature is around 650, a little lower than that for tempered glass. Besides, its cooling speed is low just like that of tempered glass. The only difference between such glass and tempered glass is that: its strength is lower than that of tempered glass, about twice that of common glass. However, like annealed glass, its pieces (when broken) are large in size. Thus, it can not be used as safety glass. The bending of heat strengthened glass is smaller than that of tempered glass and the thermostability of heat strengthened glass is much better than that of annealed glass.

    Equipment and Processing Capability
    Xinyi Company introduced 10 tempered glass production lines of different specifications from TAMGLASS and GLASSROBOTS in Finland and famous manufacturers in China. Among them, the newest and the most advanced forced convection type/radiation heating type FTM toughening furnace which was introduced from GLASSROBOTS in Finland to manufacture Low-E glass conductively heats glass through hot air convection, evenly heat the inner and outer surfaces of the glass until their temperatures reach tempering temperature in a short time (if the heating speed is increased significantly, the heating duration can be reduced by 30%). It helps to overcome the difficulties with steel processing caused by coated glass’s reflection of heat radiation, ensure coated glass keeps its good flatness in the process of heating steel, as well as reduce surface quality problems such as film damage, trace of roller and hard spots caused by relative long-time heating during the production of common toughening furnaces. Therefore, tempered glass produced by it enjoys better optical quality.

    Specification of Flat Glass
    Product thickness: 3mm-25mm
    Minimum size: 300mm~300mm
    Maximum size: 2400mm~7500mm

    Annual production capacity of 5,000,000m2, one of the largest manufacturing enterprises in China at present.

    Applicable Scope
    Tempered glass are safety glass. It is widely applied in places which have high requirements for mechanical strength and safety such as glass door, curtain wall for building, elevation windows, interior partition, furniture, as well as partitions close to sources of heat and places which are subject to severe thermal shock.
    As heat strengthened glass does not explode by itself, it is widely used in glass curtain walls, greenhouses, partitions and decoration industry.

    Product Certification
    National compulsory 3C certification
    Australia AS/NZS 2208 certification
    U.K. BS6206 certification
    U.S. ANSI Z97.1 certification
    SGCC certification
    Japan JIS certification


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