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    Heat-reflective coated glassHeat-reflective coated glass is a kind of product formed after plating multilayer of metal and metallic compound films on the surface of glass through vacuum magnetron sputtering technology. It has the ability to control transmittance of visible light and keep solar radiation out of rooms, so as to reduce energy consumption of air-conditioner. What is more, it has colorful appearances and can provide many choices for modern building design. However, its main roles are to reduce the shading coefficient of glass and restrict direct penetration of solar radiation. Heat reflective coatings can not significantly reflect far infrared rays. Thus, it does not make much difference in the improvement of U value. In summer, in areas which are exposed to strong sunlight, the thermal insulation effects of heat-reflective glass are very marked. Such glass can effectively reduce the solar radiation reaching houses. However, in environment where there is no sunlight such as at night or on rainy days, the thermal insulation effects produced by such glass is more or less the same as those by common white glass. From the perspective of energy saving, heat reflective glass is not suitable to be used in cold areas as these areas needs sunlight getting into houses for heating. The only purpose for using such glass in cold northern areas is for decoration.● Characteristics◆ Effectively restricting the incidence of direct solar radiation and producing obvious shading effects;◆ A variety of reflective colors and very good decorative effects;◆ Having very good view obstructing effects on indoor objects and architectural components;◆ Ideal visible light transmittance and visible light reflectance;◆ Weaken permeation of ultraviolet light◆ Our company adopts unique technology which can perform curved tempering of it without affecting the performance of heat-reflective coated glass.● Applicable ScopeIt is widely applied in various curtain walls for buildings.● Specification◆ Size: Size of standard large glass: 2440mm×3660mm, 2400mm×3300mm, 2100mm×3300mmMaximum size: 3300mm×6000mm, minimum size: 300mm×800mm◆ Thickness: 3mm – 19mm● Quality StandardSuch glass conforms to GB/T18915.1 “Coated Glass”.● NotesIn installation, the film surface shall be faced inward and the glass surface outward. Protective measures shall also be taken to prevent the film surface of every single coated glass from being scratched.● Performance Parameters of Reflective Coated Glass


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