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    • EG-CM5030 auto glass loading table(one side with one station)

    EG-CM5030 auto glass loading table(one side with one station)

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    Automatic loading table includes moving track, sucker rotating arms, conveyer section, vacuum system and electric control system. It turns the glass panes from vertical to horizontal automatically and then convey to cutting table according to the program. Characteristic: 1.Adopts mechanical rotating and motor screw mandrel lifting system for automatic operation of glass loading and transmission with various thickness. 2. Two sides with more stations glass loading table can realize glass loading operation of different size glass with several stations. 3. Two types loading table which includes automatic mode and manual mode for selection. 4. The machine can co-work with different brands of automatic cutting table or semi-auto cutting line and used to load glass for laminated line and Glaze glass line, to replace manual work and to achieve more efficiencysafety and relialility. Functions: 1Table size: 6400*3000(mm) 2. Max glass size:5000*3000(mm) 3. Glass thickness: 2-19(mm) 4. Loaing cycle: 40-70(s) 5. Loading route: 600(mm 3. Max. loading weight:900KG 5. Power:5.5kW 6.Stations: One station 7. Loading arms: One side

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