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    Transverse Cutting Machine

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    Main technical index: 1. The cutting accuracy: 0.5mm 2. The cutting straightness accuracy: 0.5mm 3. The cutting thickness: 1.019mm 4. The diagonal deviation: 1.0mm 5. The biggest cutting width: 4800mm 6. The biggest returning speed: 3000mm/s 7. The range of the cutting ribbon length: 60010000mm 8. The suitable swinging range: 200mm Main characteristics: there are five knives at each side of the knife bridge as mutual stand-by. The distance between each knife is set by the touch panel and auto positioning at each side can set the plate offset separately. There are also multiple switching ways for auto migrated position of up and down knife head. As it switches, the coordination between the cutting point and inspection equipments can be guaranteed. As the glass ruptures, the knife head will lift down the high accuracy servo motor and reducer automatically to reach auto zero point. The high accuracy and high speed positioning knife shelf will be lifted down by the electric drive. But the knife head is controlled by electromagnetic to make sure that the switching accuracy can have access to the Internet. The edge-snapping position and longitudinal cutting position can be automatically adjusted according to the side shear mark.

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