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    Glaston: DORAGLASS chose HTBS & RC automotive tempering solutions

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    Glaston has received an order for a Heat Treatment equipment, a HTBS line for bending and tempering and a RC Series line with the Turkish OEM customer DORAGLASS. The ordered lines were booked in Glaston’s Q4/2022 order book and the lines will be delivered in Q4/2023.

    DORA Automotive Glass Industry and Trade Inc. has manufactured qualified auto glasses for all brands and types of vehicles since 1983, now serving customers in 50 countries. The company has used Glaston’s technology in glass processing since the beginning and is now strengthening its capabilities in the automotive tempering field with the latest technology to meet customer needs.

    Commercial vehicle manufacturers are looking for high-performance and lightweight automotive glazing that has a positive impact on fuel economy, passenger safety and driving comfort. In addition, optical quality, functionality, as well as accurate positioning of labels and holes in ever-bigger window shapes, are essential.

    With its flexibility and high-end product quality, the HTBS line enables glass processors like DORAGLASS to meet these market requirements. The new line enables the processing of even more challenging glass types.

    In addition, the convection heating technology of HTBS and RC Series offers a solution to optimize energy consumption in glass tempering. Convection follows the glass through the heating cycle, only releasing as much heat as is needed for any specific load. This means even with low bed utilization rates, savings are high.

    “Glaston has been a trusted solution partner for us for over three decades, responding to ever-changing market needs. Thanks to the entire Glaston team, especially sales, technical and after sales,” said Mustafa Akkoç, Vice President of DORAGLASS.

    “Our long co-operation is based on Glaston’s broad technological expertise in convection heating technology, and with this latest product generation energy efficiency of production is also improved. We’re happy to enable DORAGLASS to expand its capacity and capabilities in serving customers in an increasing urban transportation field,” said Robert Prange, SVP Automotive and Display Technologies at Glaston Corporation.

    Source: glassonlineAuthor: shangyi

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