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    Nikolaus SORG has a bold new identity

    Post Time:Nov 16,2022Classify:Company NewsView:970

    As a world leader in glass melting and conditioning technology, Nikolaus SORG presents security, stability and ultimate performance to glassmakers in over 80 countries. The company never stops evolving and neither does its identity, which has now been updated to bring the three companies (Nikolaus SORG, SKS and EME) closer together.

    SORG Group’s new positioning line – Designed for Performance. Engineered for Endurance – represents the advanced furnace technology the company designs to deliver an unrivalled performance and asset lifetime.

    SORG has revitalised and unified its brand to show how the comprehensive ‘Power of Three’ can generate a more efficient, more sustainable future for the global glass industry.

    Source: glassonlineAuthor: shangyi

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