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    Blue Star Glass opens fully automated facility in Texas

    Post Time:Nov 09,2022Classify:Company NewsView:965

    Blue Star Architectural Glass, a commercial architectural glass fabricator specializing in high-performance insulated glass units, has announced the opening of a new, fully automated facility in Texas.

    Located in the heart of Dallas, this 145,000 square foot facility is home to the first and only fully automated insulating glass facility in the United States. In fact, there are only 4 facilities like it in the world. Starting with automated jumbo glass cutting, tempering and insulating, transport and fabrication are performed completely without human interaction.

    BSG is proud to boast that the quality, speed and precision of its insulated glass units is unmatched by any other domestic fabricator. With that said, the new Texas facility is ready to begin production. Given the new capacity and improved yields, the company is eager to review any upcoming projects that your team may be working on, and are very thankful to be considered.

    Source: glassonlineAuthor: shangyi

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