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    Brazilian glassmakers register for Glassman South America

    Post Time:Apr 30,2019Classify:Industry NewsView:1567

    A number of Brazilian glassmakers have registered to attend Glassman South America next month.

    These include hollow glassmakers such as O-I, Nadir Figueiredo, and Verallia.

    Other manufacturers who have pre-registered to attend the May 14-15 trade show and conference include Wheaton Brasil, Vidroporto and Vidraria Anchieta.

    The trade show includes a number of global technology suppliers to the glassmaking industry such as Zippe, Pennine Industrial and Sefpro.

    Two free to attend conference will focus on glassmaking methods and the future of glassmaking.

    Glassman South America takes place Sao Paulo in Brazil on May 14 and 15.

    Source: glass-international.comAuthor: Shangyi

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