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    What is My Glassinchina?

    China Glass Network (Chinese Version: www.glass.com.cn; English Version: www.jkaproperties.com ) is one worldwide direct and effective E-commerce platform for glass enterprises, traders, distributors and consumers. Our special service mode is Trinity Service= Network + Books+ Exhibitions, including website building, e-commerce trade, software developing, professional books, exhibitions and etc.

    China Glass Network is just one project under Hangzhou Needindex Info-Tech Co., Ltd that has rich experience and strength in information service field. Our company sets up IT department, Software department, Service department, Editing department and other related departments to fully service for glass industry.

    Hangzhou Needindex Info-Tech Co., Ltd

    Hangzhou Needindex Info-Tech Co., Ltd is the earliest enterprise that set foot in B2B E-commerce information service field. We have abundant funds, technology, communication resources, and rich experience in marketing. After years of continuance healthy developing, and following the further expansion of E-commerce in China, our company has gradually gathered one team of talents who have much technology and innovation ideas, and one comprehensive and attractive service system. We have successfully built 3 industry websites: China Building Materials Network (www.bmlink.com), China Glass Network (www.glass.com.cn and www.jkaproperties.com), China Aluminum Network (www.alu.cn and www.alu.com.cn). We have been a core force that strives to help China enterprises to carry out network sales and E-commerce business.

    China Glass Network-Chinese Version (www.glass.com.cn)

    China Glass Network-Chinese version was set up in 2001 with former domain name of www.glassnet.com.cn . Now after over 8 years of development, China Glass Network-Chinese version has become the most famous and professional website for glass industry in China. Almost 80% glass companies have been our members or VIP members. Currently,

    • We have over 30, 000 members;
    • Daily visiting amount reaches 60,000, and the most amounts are near 80,000;
    • Average click rate is around 90,000 and the most amounts can reach 120,000;
    • Daily trade leads are around 800 pieces.

    Also we have established long-term partners relationships with lots of famous websites and consultation institutions at home and abroad to together build a large information resource circle.

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