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      Nov 25,2022

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      Oct 25,2022

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    Detailed Specifications

    I am from one float Glass Company.We have float factory (900 ton per day) and need to one spraying machine for install in our line. Our machine inquiry is according below condition:Requirements of the powder spraying machine:

    1.Due to the variability of the glass size, the spray coverage of the powder coating along the traverse line (width) should be changeable.Min: 4000mm and max: 4880mm.

    2.The delay time in starting the spraying and the duration of spraying should be adjustable.

    The line works at 4 different speeds: 21-39-60 and 84 meters per minute.

    3.The volume of powder spraying can be adjusted and changed.

    4.Due to the symmetry of the production, it should have the ability to automatically sprinkle powder on the left or right side separately.

    Additional information: The total width of the line is 3 meters and 10 centimeters.

    Production width:Min: 4000 and max: 4880.

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